Does your website need a facelift?

As you know web design is changing quickly and what was modern and fresh just a couple of months ago, maybe 3 years may now seem completely dated. If your website is 3-5 years old, you probably know what I’m talking about (we don’t mention even older sites 😉 )

If you plan to redesign your website in 2018, then you want to get as much out of it as possible. That means it needs to be coded properly with an aesthetically awesome design. Knowing which website design will last and help you having a profitable website is key.

Website Design Trends to Smash it in 2018

#1 – Broken Grids and Asymmetry

For those of you with a urge to have everything lined up in neat rows and lines, I have bad news. Asymmetry is king in 2018!

During 2017, asymmetrical and ‘broken’ layouts were introduced to the web design. The appeal was instantaneous and only seems to be growing.


Because now, asymmetry is something different in a world where competition is stiff, and people often equate ‘new and different’ with ‘better.’ 🙂

Maybe in another 3-4 years when you need to revamp your website again, it is possible that we will have symmetry back in style, who knows. But for 2018 it is time for some design-anarchy and get creative.

#2 – Gradient Backgrounds

Bring colour to your website, have gradient backgrounds to give your website depth. 3D Animations, and 3D Explainer Videos are the new stars in web design.

Bold and vibrant colours draw the eye and help creating a feeling of action.

For many website you can incorporate these new trends without overdoing it. A 3D Animated Explainer Video could provide the perfect addition to a new website with bold colours. Use bold colours but shy away from employing the whole colour range in on one site or element.

#3 – Vector Graphics/Images

This trend is not just temporary. Scalable vector graphics are becoming the norm as the primary image type for websites. Vector formats will eliminate .jpg and .png images sooner or later.

Why you ask? Because scalable vector graphics are super lightweight images that fit every screen size and resolution.

Since people view websites on all types of devices these days, it has become highly desirable.

#4 – Unconventional Layout

Web Design has conquered the header and footer of a website. Forget about that horizontal menus. Instead, consider using a hamburger menu.

Be bold and embrace the new unknown for your website.

Give your web designer more freedom with page size and alignment. We notice much more things that are ‘different’ than what we expect.

This trend comes with a warning though! User experience is IMPORTANT! Don’t move critical or important information where your website visitors can’t find it.

#5 – Illustrations & Animated Videos

During the last year a lot more animated explainer videos and illustrations popped up on websites. Many, especially service websites, found that an explainer video transports their service message really well and intriguing.

Also illustrations are visually engaging and can often explain a concept very well.

For some, an animated explainer video can take on a playfulness to engage customers, and ensure that they remember the company/brand.

In 2018, you will find that more and more web designs rely on animated explainer videos and illustrations to give a human touch to dry concepts. Consider incorporating this trend into your next web design.

#7 – Mobile Design

By 2014, laptops had practically replaced computers and web design change drastically. While 2017 was another year of massive change in the industry. For the first time, browsing on smartphones and tablets overtook desktop browsing.

And what does this mean for you?


For 2018, you can expect to see more and more websites with an advanced responsive design. It’ll become increasingly important to have a mobile friendly version of your website.

  1. over 50% of people use a tablet or smartphone to look for your service, product or information.
  2. Google’s algorithm introduced ‘mobile first’ meaning that websites without a responsive design will be listed worse

Besides the two most crucial and obvious changes it is notable that,screens get smaller and will require icons, not large dynamic images. Information will need to be organized in a more sophisticated manner.

Mobile-friendly websites are here to stay, they will become more and more popular and there is no way around them.

As we move forward into 2018, Fremont Digital encourages you to consider these new design trends and determine whether your site needs a facelift or not.

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