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Do you need a Web Designer? If yes, when do you need one?

Let’s be frank here. Hiring a good web designer is costly and can easily run into many thousands of dollars. How do you know when to hire and make that investment? Websites usually need updating every 3-5 years, but there are times when hiring a web designer does not make sense.


What are the Duties of a Web Designer?

We hear the terms ‘web designer’ and ‘web developer’ a lot, and people oftentimes don’t know the difference. So let’s differentiate between them. A web designer does the layout (design) of a website. Web designers craft a user experience, graphic designs and overall look & feel of your site.

A web developer handles everything that is going on behind the scenes. The coding and whole back end of a website.

Web Development

  • Updates WordPress and plugins
  • Makes changes to the style sheets or the custom page templates
  • Handles problems with mobile-compatibility
  • Gets website running again when down
  • Sets up CMS

Web Design

  • Changes colors, fonts, or images
  • Adds banners or lead magnets
  • Puts together a new landing page
  • Changes content

Besides your web designer and your web developer, you also have your marketer. Ideally, all three work together. Many people think of them as one entity but more often than not, they are individuals that work as part of an agency, like our rock stars do.

When Should You Hire A Web Designer

Hiring a web designer is a must for a complete redesign, or start from scratch.

Fremont Digital has some of the best designers in the industry to make your vision a reality. We take time to understand your goals, your business and your customers.

Digital marketers and web designers work together in designing a unique UX Design for your website.

Setting you apart from your competition and showing your customers exactly what they are seeking on your website.

Having a unique website design helps you set yourself apart in a competitive industry or market.

Back to our initial question: When should you hire a web designer

When you are dedicated to make a change, when you have the funds and see your website as in investment.

When Hiring a Web Designer Does Not Make Sense

Hiring a web designer does not make sense when:

  • You are not willing to invest
  • You have an unproven business idea
  • The site is a personal blog or a hobby
  • The site you have already looks great and does it’s job
  • You want to test a market
  • Your site does not have enough traffic -> contact us for marketing advice

Ultimately your website should be an investment and pay for itself. Hiring a web designers is not of any use to you if you won’t make back the money with the website.

But keep in mind, a website needs traffic, that is what online marketing is for 😉

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