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Your Website Is Dated – 6 Signs that your website needs an update

#1 – Inaccurate Information

Have you update your company information on the website in the last 24 months? Are the services or products you offer still up to date? Do the people on your “Team Photos” still work at your company? Is the company address still accurate and your email address?

Inaccurate information is really a big problem for your site. Not only do people not reach you if your email address, phone number or company address is outdated, but Google’s algorithm notices that too. Best practices for SEO include updated content on your site, relevant content and great imagery. It might not seem like a problem to you, but it is for your website and overall business.

#2 – Broken Links

More complex websites often times suffer from broken links, missing or damaged pages, than less complex or smaller pages. Due to the complexity and page count, we understand it is often times hard to go back to all your pages to find the connections that no longer work. However, the more links are broken the more likely it is that your website needs an update. As

A new website will clear out those broken links and missing or incorrect pages and also give you the opportunity to improve the overall design and link structure.

#3 – Dated Images and Photography

Does your website still show images of services and products you no longer sell or offer? Then it is time for an update!

Keep in mind that over the last few years images became the core element of websites. You need to have colorful, bigger and more professional images and photographs on your site.

What about an Explainer Videos (link to internal page on website)? Most of our clients’ websites have an Animated Explainer Video on their homepage. It helps with many things, but mainly communicating key information, increase customer action (call, email you or buy product or service), and ultimately ranking better on Google.

#4 – No Clear Call-To-Action

The ultimate goal of your website is to turn website visitors (leads) into customers. Question is, does your website guid potential clients to complete the desired action? If you’re not getting those potential clients to do the desired action, it could be a sign of a dated website.

Not only is a Call To Action important, but needs to be well placed on your website. Therefore a well thought UX Design ‘user experience Design’ is important. Without a professional UX Design your new website will not flow well or provide the information your website visitors are looking for.

So, all the marketing effort, whether SEO, PPC or cold calling that went into getting people interested was for nothing. If people don’t find what they are seeking on your site within the first 2 seconds they will leave and go to the competition.

#5 – Overall Design Is Dated

Do you remember the Nokia 3210? It is the iconic symbol of the early 2000s, and everyone knows it. The same can be said for your website if you have a narrow page layout, small imagery or a splash page. They are all huge signs for a dated website.

Your website is your first contact online with someone who is searching online for your service or product. It is the first impression that counts, this where the first opinion about your business is made. An outdated or amateurish website reflects very poorly on you and your business.

#6 – Not Mobile-Friendly

In 2016, Google has created a Mobile Index separate from their Primary Index. Since then, there has been industry talk that eventually the Mobile Index will BECOME the Primary Index. If that’s the case, then all companies need to get their websites mobile-friendly NOW.

Not only because of the index, but also because over 51% of users search for your products and services on Smartphone or Tablets.

So, if you have not updated your website to a responsive design (mobile friendly design), there is a good chance your site just cannot compete with other mobile sites. A sign can be that your website does not display correctly on mobile, still looks like the web design and you have to zoom in to navigate. Or the website speed is slow (loads longer than 4 seconds) or a pop-up blocking the text.

Keep in mind that website speed, on the computer and smartphone/tablet play a big role, not only for website visitors but also for the Google Algorithm.

If you have come to the realization that there are signs your website is dated, Fremont Digital can help. Contact us, and we will discuss your needs.