Quick SEO Crash Course

Is SEO still not clear to you? No worries, in this short read we will uncover the mystery to it. SEO Lives on 3 Things Keywords Links Content SEO = Search Engine Optimization is a technique to bring more organic traffic to your website. If done right, SEO improves your Search Engine Result Page ranking… Read more

Why Reputation Management is Key to Success in SEO

Google rewards the most prominent and popular businesses in their market areas, with you guessed it – page 1 rankings. Google’s algorithm wants to mirror the real world as closely as possible and therefore rank websites that are most popular the highest.   Don’t leave your reputation to chance   With the right knowledge and… Read more

How To Get Your Business On Google Maps

Wondering how to get your business listed on Google Maps? Just follow these simple steps:   Go to www.google.com/business and sign in or create a free account Search for your business and address If your business appears, select it. If not, select “Add your business” and fill out the necessary info Click the “Mail me… Read more

Why is SEO so important?

Many of our website clients know about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). But we also get this question a lot: “Isn’t SEO dead?” Spoiler Alert: NO! Search Engine Optimisation is not dead, and it actually became more and more important and became a necessity to be successful online. We will list below why… Read more