Why does Fremont Digital exist

Fremont Digital was founded by Niklas Brinkmann, who was frustrated with agencies over promising and under delivering.

To achieve success with a website it needs a lot of in-depth industry research for each single client.
It also needs a ton of work to not only find the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the business, but to craft it to fit the customer needs as well. Ultimately you want your customers to take action and get in touch with you, buy your product or service or call you.

In the end, your website should be an asset and not a liability.

We get things done, and minimize risk by involving you from day one!

Our Process

1 Listen First

We start with a phone call or Skype meeting and listen. You tell us about your business, your goals with the new website and everything else you want to share. Listening is the key to a successful project outcome.

2 Plan

Now the planning starts. We devise a step-by-step plan that follows a logical order to achieve your business goals. This includes a timeline for the each of the project steps and major milestones. Of course you will be included and we don't move ahead without your feedback and OK.

3 Design

Now it is time to start designing the website and branding according to what you need and your customers want! We are constantly in touch with you, so you get your dream website that blows the competition out of the water!

4 Develop

We develop your website and brand, create animations and set up the website to be mobile friendly and responsive.

5 Launch

Finally, your website is tested, and approved by you and us. It is time to launch it and show the world and especially your clients your brand new website!